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Rachel & Ephraim!!!

The BEAUTIFUL Rachel & her bridesmaids! This wedding was SO much fun. When Rachel first contacted me she started out as one of my cutting clients. When she found out she was getting married she persuaded me as a hair dresser & to test my skills  if I would be capable to be the one to do her hair for the BIG DAY! Of coarse she loved my talents….. :) She is amazing.. we ended up becoming good friends, having the same taste in style and so many other things.  She got married down in San Diego, and was very generous about reserving a room for me, since the wedding was earlier in the morning! I did all of the bridesmaids hair  &  2 of the girls make-up! I loved the hair styles they ended up with. I thought they were so perfect for the occasion. I sent Rachel an inspiration photos of Brittney Murphy of the classic new hair style that’s all up and very loose! She loved it and thought it was a great idea! 

          For  a few months before the wedding, like I said I cut Rachel’s hair for her…. every time we would talk about what hairstyle she had in mind….. as the preview came we tried a few things but eventually ended up with one of my favorites….. Similar to Karianne’s hair style! Rachel looked great in this style and could pull it off so easily. I loved the hair pins in her hair. I thought they added so much personality, especially since she was wearing a veil to walk down the isle but would eventually take it off for the reception & photos, she still had some sort of sparkle in her hair to show off her hair style. Her make-up was wonderful…  we used very soft colors for her shadows, neutral browns, peaches, &  soft gold tones. We applied fake individual lashes to brighten up her eyes even more….. a shimmery light bronzer all over to highlight her face and a brilliant soft Mauve tone for lipstick with a bit of a shimmery lip gloss! She was stunning….. Ephraim is a very lucky guy!!!!!

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  1. Roger & Lyndzee Ellsworth said . . .

    Hey Nicole, thanks for the comment. You do a great job. Maybe I’ll have you give me an updo just for the shear pleasure of it,, well done. Yah, we love Amelia’s work,, she’s awesome. I hope she has a sense of humor with my husband’s comments cuz he’s pretty creative with his outbursts,haha thats why I love him! Anyway, when I get weddings I’ll be sure to pass along your name! Thanks girl.

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