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Amanda & Ray sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G……

Aren’t they Adorable!?? I swear… they look SO happy & in love it’s almost sickening! BUT I don’t blame them…. Look how good they look together.

This is Amanda & Ray… They were married this last November & I had the lovely pleasure of doing Amanda’s Hair & Make-up for both her Engagement session & wedding day. She was a total doll face, & made me smile every time we met.

First off I have the Engagement session & Secondly the wedding day. Both styles are pretty similar, but we did switch it up on the wedding day……

HAIR: For the E-session We did it half up/ half down, I added curls for texture & brought it half up  for volume, I criss crossed the back.. and it was lovely. Wedding day: Like I said, very similar. BUT on the special day we made look more glamorous, we did keep it half up, but instead brought the curls loosely back to cascade down her head. You can’t really tell in the photos what the back looks like…. Take my word, it was fabulous!!

MAKE-UP: Amanda’s make-up was also very similar for both occasions, I chose to go towards the bronze/ gold tones for her eyes. I thought it complimented her skin tone & brought out her features. On the day of I deepened up the coloring on her eyes to add more depth. Black liner to pop, added  lovely lashes, kept her cheeks nice and rosie with a touch of bronze for shimmer & her lips were a gorgeous neutral light pink. She was an absolute knock out of a bride!

Enjoy looking at both the E-session & wedding day of Amanda & Ray.

All lovely photos were taken by the ever so talented AMELIA LYON. Check out the rest of the Engagements HERE & the Wedding photos HERE!

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  1. Jolynne said . . .

    Great pictures…and stunning bride! Great job.

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