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Allow myself to introduce Martha & Joaquin!

This is Martha!… Martha is beautiful, happy & in love with Joaquin!!!

I absolutely enjoyed being apart of Martha’s BIG day! 
It was so fun getting to know her…. I had the chance to do her preview, color & cut her hair & be with her on her wedding day! 
That’s plenty of time to chat and become friends.. I definitely consider all my brides friends!! 
That is one thing I for sure love about my job, not only do I get to meet all kinds of amazing people, but I gain friendships from them!
Now Let’s get down to the nitty gritty……
Martha’s HAIR:
Oh my, my, my….. I’m head over heals in love with her hair style.. I was SO happy when she showed me her inspiration photos…. I think it turned out better! 
I started off by curling her entire head of hair… leaving some pieces out to pin up later I brought the majority of her hair to a side pony…. With the left out hair, I loosely pinned them to make the affect of soft bouncy curls!  Swooped her bangs over and wallah! 
There is something about Martha’s make-up that I am in love with.. It is a bit different than the normal bridal look! I loved how soft & glowy it made her look! I tried to stick to more bronzed, golds, and neutral colors! Like a sun-kissed bride!
With her neutral pink lip, and long luscious lashes.. she was a GLAM! 

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  1. Martha said . . .

    Thank you so, so much!! You are beyond AWESOME!!

    Posted December 4, 2008 at 10:36 am | Permalink

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