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I am so happy with the out come of Sharon’s Hair & make-up!
Sharon is getting married in  few weeks, & I am So excited to be apart of her wedding day! 
I love weddings!
There is this new trend  that is going around that I love to do for Engagement photo sessions…. It’s a secrete, but I think I can tell you….. 
I love to  do two hair styles for the E-session.. one that is either pulled back in a simple pony or bun, pulled half up or in a Pompadour or even in a asymmetrical pony.. something casual but still cute. 
Then…. as the photos session continues and the lovely lady decides to change into something more dress or more casual.. just to mix things up they simply take out the style shake up the curls to let out the lovely loose all down do! 
It’s genius & fun! 

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  1. sharon said . . .

    you are the best, nicole! see you soon!! :)

    Posted November 19, 2008 at 6:52 pm | Permalink

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