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Mr. Mark & Mrs Sarah…. The lovely BRIDE & GROOM

Hello Hello my fellow blog friends. You must terribly hate the fact that I have not blogged in quite sometime… I have to admit it is not my strongest attribute, BUT I reassure you all that I will do my VERY best at doing it more often. Everyone loves a feature of a beautiful bride & her handsome groom.. Right!?

Well then…. lets get to it: Introducing Mark & Sarah……

All I have to say is that this girls wedding was gorgeous. I thought her style was glamorous, timeless, elegant & honest! Her hair  make-up turned out FABULOUS..(If I do say so myself)  I had a great time being a part of their special day.. I am pleased to share their wedding with all of you.

Of coarse we wouldn’t have any great photos if it wasn’t for the GREAT photographer:

Allow myself to introduce JEAN TSAI PHOTOGRAPHY! Jean was actually one of my past brides.. & I couldn’t be happier that she has put her talent to use & started her own photography business. She is one talented lady!!! I am SO happy I was able to work with her & I look forward to working with again!

And for the important stuff….. Hair & Make- up:

HAIR: Sarah came in for her preview & had a vision.. it was all up & out of her face. We gave her a style that was great, but on the day of the wedding she decide to go with something more structured & not too messy. Something that complimented her & her features. I was very please with how it turned out, I loved out the hair was all up and had a great structure & look to it from every angle. I loved how she went for more volume on top brought back soft off her face.  I was more then happy with the outcome. I always think the brides hair & make-up looks 100% perfect on her wedding day!!!

MAKE-UP: Sarah has beautiful skin… so flawless. I felt like the make-up looked like a porcelain doll. We did keep it natural, but I can’t complain.. she looked breathtaking. Obviously we did go a bit darker on her eyes, just to make sure it looked good for photos & long lasting, but for the most part her cheeks & lips were natural as well as her shadows! I did love how the make-up highlighted her face & gave her this natural glow all day. She looked like she was floating on cloud 9.

Thank you SO much Sarah for letting me be a part of your BIG day. I am more then thrilled to see you happy. You were an elegent bride.

Please check out the rest of Mark & Sarah’s photos HERE!!



  1. Stacy said . . .

    I absolutely love and admire your talent! You truly know how to make brides look spectacular and stunning.

    Posted February 16, 2010 at 9:08 pm | Permalink
  2. Amanda said . . .

    I am dying over her hair AND make-up.Are you kidding me girl.You ROCK at what you do. I Can’t wait to get my hair and make-up done by the one and only Nicole DeAnne!

    Posted February 16, 2010 at 9:34 pm | Permalink
  3. Ryel j said . . .

    I just love these images. You have a way with bringing out the beauty in women. This is a gift and a blessing to all your clients. <3

    Posted February 16, 2010 at 10:46 pm | Permalink

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