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LARA + TIM + Amelia Lyon Photography= An Amazing Wedding!!!

Well hello, I am getting better at this blogging thing. :)

I am happy to introduce the lovely Lara & Tim. Such an amazing couple at their amazing wedding.

I first met Lara for her E-session. (Click HERE to view photos.) It was a pleasure meeting this girl. She has so much strength and is so smart & beautiful. I was honored when she asked me to do her H&M for her wedding.

We met a few times before the BIG day for her preview & her color. I have to say, I was SO excited to do her wedding. She has the most perfect hair to style & the most perfect cheek bones, eye lids and lips for make-up. She is naturally so gorgeous. I was there just to add to it.

HAIR: lara’s hair is super thick and long. We did a few hair styles for her preview and ended up with this style to start off with. I LOVED HER HAIR!  I first set her entire head to set the curl. I loosely up pined each curl and let it simply fall into place. I pinned her hair up piece by piece, until her hair was all up in a low soft chignon.  With her fringe, I finger pieced her hair until it fell perfectly to compliment her facial shape.  I DIED!

MAKE-UP: Like I said Lara has perfect everything. Eye’s, cheeks,& lips. Lets start with Eyes: As you can see Lara had bright blue eyes. I wanted to use a color that complimented her coloring in both skin tone & eye color. I went towards a very soft but deep pink/purple. Not too much though. I used that color in her crease and blended with a soft peach, and highlighted with light pink. We added black liner for depth & as always, lashes. Cheeks, I contoured her bones with a soft plum and highlighted under her eyes with a iridescent shimmer. Lips were easy.. natural liner with my favorite lip gloss, Super copper. Its a great gloss that has a tint of copper shimmer with pink/rose tones! AMAZING!

Check out hte rest of Lara & Tim’swedding photos HERE!

Amelia Lyon worked her magic on this wedding!


Lara Asked me to come back for touch ups after the ceremony & photos! I have brides that most often then most just stick to their hair style they had all day, BUT Lara on the other hand, wanted to spice things up a bit for the reception. I was SO excited for this style, since she has such great locks. We kept the top of the hair style from her first look, but took down the bottom half to let loose. Isn’t is BEAUTIFUL!?

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  1. Jolynne said . . .

    great job! Bride looks so natural. Instead of covering over her beauty, you let her uniqueness shine through! I’m gonna follow your blog :)

    Posted October 15, 2009 at 1:54 pm | Permalink

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